We will say that a number is the popular number of the array if it appears in the array more than any other number. Your task is to write a program that finds the most popular number of integers array.



The program takes the number list from the standard input. The format of the input is:
  • line #1 contains the size of the list.
  • line #2 contains space-separated integer number.


The program should display the most popular number followed by the number of times it appear in the list.


Sample #1

$ find-popular
12 76 75 76 75 12 12 75 75
75 4
Let’s explain:
  • 12 appears in the list 3 times
  • 76 appears in the list 2 times
  • 75 appears in the list 4 times
As we can see, the number 75 is the popular number as it appears 4 times in the list. Therefore the program should display the number (75) followed by the number of times it appears (4).